I was given only a few tasks to help prepare for our wedding, and one was to make our wedding website. We registered the domain name "" (now since removed, but the site is still accessible), and I got to have fun making a website again!
What started out as a personal interest in MiniDiscs back in high school turned into a full-blown hobby in college. I started a MiniDisc discussion board, and gradually grew it into a larger site that contained MiniDisc product reviews and other useful information. MiniDiscs are long gone, and so is this site!
The WashU School of Architecture had a glossy brochure for prospective students, and as a chance to teach myself some new HTML and CSS methods I took the brochure and made it into a full website as a project for one of my undergrad architectural computing courses.
Another project in college was attempting to better brand myself as a website designer, and so WebEnergizer was born. I even registered my business in the state of Missouri so I could accept checks made out to WebEnergizer.
Eric's original home page
I still have a copy of the orignal home page that I made way back in the middle of high school, so here it is for everyone to enjoy. It was originally hosted for me by a friend, on a computer in his bedroom that he kept connected to the internet 24/7 over a phone line with a modem.
20th Century Case Studies
I had a project for my 20th Century Case Studies in Architecture course, where we had to make a presentation to the class using a website we designed. The design of the website came out well enough that I decided to use it as the template for my own personal website, as you now see it here!